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Furniture removals tips for moving into a brand-new home

Ballarat is a growing city with many people moving into brand new homes and when that exciting day of moving in comes around make sure it is preceded by forethought and planning. We have a list of hints to think about before undertaking furniture removals in Ballarat and setting up in your new home.

  1. Clean the carpet before you move into your new home. Lots of tradespeople and technicians have been entering your home and the carpets will most likely be dusty.
  2. Seal the grout and tiles in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas as this will increase their longevity.
  3. Organise home and contents insurance
  4. Figure out before you hire a Ballarat removalist where you want certain pieces of furniture to go. Make sure you measure spaces before you decide.
  5. Pack bed linen separately so they are easily located for your first night in the house.
  6. Label each box and separate items into particular rooms.
  7. Make sure the house is painted properly.

After the wait for building to be completed is over, make sure your move into a new home is exciting and a celebration – not a disorganised stressful time.