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Ballarat removals insurance

Most people have contents insurance to protect their items while in their home. However, this insurance does not cover items while in transit or storage. Transit insurance only covers fire, theft and roll-over, while in transit.

Transit insurance does not cover the items or goods of a third party, except if a full insurance policy document is prepared and approved by the insurance company and agreed to by the person applying for the insurance policy.

What you may consider and what you will require in your policy if you wish to obtain further insurance:

  • Type of cover required – either full or restricted policy.
  • Distance the items or goods are being transported e.g., interstate.
  • Means of transport: road, rail, air or sea.
  • Settlement options: e.g., replacement of your items or goods or their market value.
  • Category of items or goods – high risk, i.e., fragile, breakable, value status.
  • Packaging and storing requirements.
  • Delivery charge.
  • Policy excess charge.
  • History of claims.

Ballarat Moving and Storage can run you through your rights as a customer and the complaints process.

Moving can be a stressful time and you don’t need this complication if you are facing a problem without insurance cover. Contact us about our insurance cover for Ballarat removals. We are happy to provide all the removals insurance information you need.