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Antique furniture removals in Ballarat

Moving priceless furniture can be a concern – yet if a few basic sets are taken and you hire the right removalist, your antique furniture should be kept safe and undamaged during any relocation.

When moving antique furniture it’s best to first remove shelves, doors and drawers. This lightens the load and reduces the risk of damage. Glass doors should be protected with moving blankets or other padding. We’ve put together some tips to consider when moving – these equally apply whether you are moving furniture within your home.

  • Large pieces of furniture should always be lifted and never dragged across the floor. Dragging can cause the loosening of joints.
  • Chairs should be carried by the seat rails as opposed to the back splat, top rail or arms.
  • Tables should be carried by the apron or legs. Never carry tables by the top as it can pull loose from the base.
  • Marble tops should be removed and transported vertically. A marble top transported lying flat can crack easily which can result in the piece being destroyed and the mover potentially being injured.
  • Mirrors and glass should also be transported and stored vertically for safety‚Äôs sake.

Keep these in mind when looking for Ballarat furniture removals companies to transport you to your next home or office.