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Three tips for a smooth move from your Ballarat furniture removalists

Proudly based in Ballarat and directly servicing all around the area, we are proud to be your local removalists of choice. As we regularly work with our customers to ensure they have the easiest and most efficient move possible, we thought it would be helpful to share our some tips we’ve picked up along the way in this month’s blog.

Three tips for a smooth move:

  • Don’t try to do it all yourself
    Employ our professional services and we’ll make the moving job a whole lot faster. It’s amazing how much quicker getting a removalist to move furniture – often all in one go – is than doing it all yourself. Or in your mate’s ute! Give yourself – and your friends – a break and entrust the job to our professionals instead.
  • Make your kitchen one of the first rooms to unpack
    There’s nothing worse than spending all your energy unpacking in your new house only to collapse on the couch, too tired to even go and get take-away. Make sure you have easy access to your kitchen supplies because when it comes to dinnertime at the end of the busy day you’ll be grateful for finding even a bowl to eat two-minute noodles in!
  • Get rid of things you no longer need
    It’s amazing how many things we can accumulate ‘without even trying.’ In other words, it’s amazing how much we can ‘hoard’ without trying! The good news is moving house is a great time to give away your discarded tennis rackets, clothes you never wear and other things which take up space but you don’t use. Here’s some local opp shops which could use your good quality donations!

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